Download speed/coverage


I am in Columbia SC, recently I traveled through Georgia and Florida, going down interstate I-26 and I-95.

Most everywhere I went, the coverage was so poor and the download speed was so slow, I had to use my T-mobile or AT&T phone. Around Columbia, I totally lose coverage in places where my other providers have great coverage. In Florida, I was on the 10th floor, overlooking the Daytona, still, the download speed was so slow I could not even check my email, again, resorted to my other phones. I thought I had found a great deal, but 25.00 is no deal when I have so many places the service is not usable! Is anyone else around Columbia SC having coverage/speed issues?


Intermediate III

Interesting, what phone?  Made that drive several times, no speed issues.  Even down in Florida, around the Orlando and Disney area, no issues at all. 

I bought the pixel 4 from Visible, at first they had me do a factory reset, no help, then they sent a new sim card, no help, then I bought a phone from motorola, moto g power, even with a new, different phone, no change. I have many friends from all over the state tell me that they had to switch, that Verizon coverage has just gone to nothing over the last year. Most are all switching to T-mobile and say they have great coverage. Now Visible is telling me, if I pay them more, my coverage will increase?


I've had the same issue in TN and Florida since i joined..... Phone and texts work great but internet has been spotty at best..... Very sad...... ๐Ÿ˜ž