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I was informed Visible is not credentialed to participate in the Emergency Broadband Benefit program. I applied and was approved for EBB funds but found out later Visible cannot not currently access them. Come on Visible, Verizon is participating, what is the obstacle?


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The Visible plan has not been cleared for eligibility in the program at this time. You can find participating providers at https://www.fcc.gov/emergency-broadband-benefit-providers/. The good news is Visible plans are already cost-effective! You can get Visible service for as low as $25/month, by utilizing Party Pay. More information can be found on the FCC's website: https://www.fcc.gov/broadbandbenefit/.

Not anymore they’re not!


I think there are only certain providers that qualify from what I have heard.

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The document for participants says that EBB is portable if you want to switch providers. I am not sure, but maybe the hotspot on EBB is not unlimited data? I do not want to spread misinformation, so much as a question of information to be gathered.

I also wish I knew how to petition and who to petition to get it to spread to this carrier. If they are not cleared for eligibility, why? Who or what clears the eligibility using what criteria? Is this final or is there still time before it runs the clock on the coverage regardless? Can the moderator add more information? 


I ported my number out to Metro. Got their $50 unlimited plan for $40 via promo but it's actually $0 with EBB lol wahoo. When EBB ends if I'm not impressed I'll port back but so far I'm pulling 200mbps with 32ping on 5G vs the 50sMbps with 100ping on Visible, no 5g from Verizon here.

Thanks for the details. It is really cool that you didn't just hoard the knowledge. Gonna hope more people see your explanation here too.

I think you were savvy to bet on result from $50 to go down to $0. 

Seems like I have already made it impossible because I applied without porting on a separate account. It is about to be activated, but will compare and choose between the two.

The EBB has a limit on the hotspot data though, compared to the unlimited GB of hotspot data on Visible. PS Have to read what the ping amounts mean, 😂