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Any cheap compatible "feature phones"?

Hi all! I'd like to be able to try out a "feature phone" (aka "d**b phone") with my visible service and I'm wondering 1. Is this possible2. If so, what specific features do I need to look for to make sure a phone I purchase is compatible3. Any specif...

Resolved! Hot spot clarification

Can anyone provide me with more detail on hotspot useage? I need to better understand what is meant by 5mbps and one device for the hotspot. Is that only one device can connect to the hotspot? Only one device per the party is allowed to use a hotspot...

Resolved! Anyone using a OnePlus 6T?

Hi, The OnePlus 6T is Verizon certified and apparently works on Verizon with the correct network side configuration. Visible claims with their IMEI check that it is not supported. Is there anyone who is using a 6T successfully on Visible? If so, plea...

Resolved! Receiving international calls

Is it possibile to receive phone calls (no data calls) from a country outside USA (no Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Island), like a country in Europe? If it is possible, is it free?

deleog by Novice
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How. To disable vtext

I’m getting random vtext messages from porn sites with about 10-15 others in a group text. How do I disable this pain in the Burt feature?

Resolved! I want to switch my family to this

I want to pay for myself, wife and daughter to be part of Visible. Can I set this up from my account so I pay the bill for all 3 phones, or does each phone pay their own bill?