Question about esim Hotspot limitations


A few weeks ago I bought a new unlocked phone (Samsung S22+) and trialed the Visible esim solution. While using the trial I noticed that only one device is allowed on the Hotspot at a time. The second device gets an error (the first device connected wins). This was also stated as a limitation on the Visible website (just one device allowed). I ended my trial for this (as I have 2 kids and while we travel in the car I use the Hotspot). I removed the esim from Visible. The issue now is that with my current Normal SIM card on my new Samsung phone the limitation of only one device still exists (works fine on my galaxy S10+). Could something like this be pushed by the esim download? I don't have any option to increase the limit on the phone but it should accept at least 10 devices. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.