I thought to share my signup experience for those considering joining.

Intermediate II

I was a bit hesitant to move to Visible from my prepaid Verizon account with my number that I have had for over 20 years.   These are steps I took to signup and get things working,


Sunday:  I picked out a Samsung A21 phone. Created an account by providing an email and password.  You will need to verify your email at some point (look in spam if you did not get it). I then gave the details to PORT or move my number over.  You will need your carrier's account number and pin number. Gave a credit card number.  Used a referral code from the Community Discussions boards so my first month is only $5.  After 3 months I get a $100 virtual gift card. Shipping is free.  Now I just had to wait.


Tuesday: The new Samsung phone arrives with SIM via Fedex.  I then charged the phone....connected phone to my home wifi...installed the Visible app.....used Samsungs Smart Switch app to transfer the data from my old Samsung phone to the new one.


Wednesday:  I was not sure if my ported number would be ready and did not want to start the activation process until I knew the porting was ready.  I decided to use Visible's chat and they advised I was ready to activate and would wait to make sure the activation went smoothly.  I installed the SIM.  Used the Visible app on the new phone.  After a few reboots all is good.  Able to make both way calls and text. Went to my Verzion account and noticed that now my phone is disconnected so billing will stop.


Thursday:  All functions are still working fine.  I decided to joined the Community discussion group.  I then joined a Family so now my monthly bills are $25. You will need a unique user name and your email that you used earlier.  Also verify your email or your posting will not work. I was able to get my own Referral code: 3wGfCl   If a new subscriber uses it I get another month for only $5.   I posted in the Savings group my referral code.


Saturday:  Someone used my code and I get my next month for only $5.  Wow!!


How can I complain.  Everything works.  Did not take long.  Can't beat the price for unlimited calls, text and data.  Good support.  I was overthinking how complicated it would be and should have acted sooner.  I think that the order of execution is key.  Visible's approach is totally different than Verizon's so it does take some time to wrap your head around their system.  I my opinion once you get used to their method,  it all makes sense.


Please respond with your signup experience if you care to.







Novice II

Hi there! Thanks for reaching out to Visible. 


We are so glad to hear that your sign up experience went so smooth, and we're happy to hear you're enjoying the service!