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I just created an account and paid for everything I needed. What do I do next? We have a family plan with Verizon so I will need to give everyone a link of some sort to form a group, but I have no idea how and when do I get this link to give to everyone??



First, go to your Visible account and look on the referral tab.  There will be a code you can share so you and your first family member both get $20 off a month of service.  If it were me, I'd then have the second person who signed up share their referral code with the third person who can then sign up.  They'll both get $20 off a month of service, and so on.

Next, go to the Party Pay tab.  You can either create your own Party or join an existing one.  Users are sharing their Party Pay group in the Savings Spot and you can pick any existing party.  If you decide to create your own, you need four people in the group to get your monthly bill reduced to $25/month.  However, you can create your own party and then join that party right away.


I hope this helps answer your questions.  Please DM me if you have any further questions.


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In visible you have to create separate accounts (with different emails) for each and every number. That every number has to join a party pay to bring down the bill to $25 per month.


you can refer one number to another. You can go to referral link section to get your first referral. 

in visible there is no such construct as a family. Every account is individual. One account payment is not dependent on other. That’s the basic model.


You may find it different than major carriers but this is how visible works.

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