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Don't leave your Party Plan!

The grass is never greener on the other side. Don't give up what already works for you, read between the lines. Nothing in the new plans are any better than the one you already have but you have to pay more for it. As long as you have 4 or more membe...

Jim2 by Novice II
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unable to use phone

what a terrible company. They could not activate my visible service butdid cancel my service with Verizon. so have had no phone service for 14 hours now. asked to speak with a supervisor ands was told one would call me within 3 hours. that was 4 hour...

asteer by Novice
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Existing customer new phone

Had Google Pixel 6 Pro...bought Pixel 7 Pro. When I transfer everything to new phone will esim transfer as well?Thanks,Ray

thefly1 by Novice
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Unusable Data Speeds

Please help!Have had Visible for years now. Everything has always worked as well as Visible works. Then three days ago my data dropped to 0.06 mbps, so it's not unusable. I was told my phone was incompatible (was compatible when I signed up, but I gu...

Locked Sims card due to account being hacked

I was recently a visible customer and my service was recently suspended .My account was hacked and my phone says that my sims card is locked.And they say that i need a PUT code to unlock my sims card.My bill has been paid in full and it says my servi...


I have used visible for some time but today I can’t send or receive calls. The error message stated my phone is not activated

Dwesse by Novice
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