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Call Log

Hi, is it possible to get a detailed call log with my visible bill every month?Also, I pay $25 for my visible every month……how can I get it to $15?

Marie by Novice
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Locked out

Forgot email I used when opened account. Now I'm locked out and can't change billing options to continue my services. I'm restricted due to credit card info. Expired.

A YouTube video about the Legacy/Party Pay plan.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mh2M5BDGt8w This was from last month and from Visible Chief Commercial Officer Jeremy Bolton. I wished I would have saw this before buying a phone to get ready for the new plan since I thought we were going to have to ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Phone bought 12 Verizon

I got my new I phone 12 with the wrong number on sim??? They told me just to switch my old one. Will not let me. I want to send it back and get new sim with right number, Help Please