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I signed up to trade my old phone in and port my number on 9/17. I received the acceptance emails and everything seemed fine. The next day, 9/18, I signed my wife up, bought a phone outright for her and got the acceptance emails. Shortly thereafter ,...


trying swap program it shows montly rate of 40.00 is there 25.00 rate i can get

kevin by Novice
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bug with opening new account

So I've spent my entire afternoon trying to get this resolved with the help desk. I'm pretty sure I know what the problem is but they aren't capable of either fixing it or letting the developers know to fix it. Problem: Have an existing phone number ...

Resolved! Dropped, failed and unable to unable to hear calls

I've been with Visible since January and I have experienced dropped and failed calls than ever before. Also, when making and receiving calls the caller or person I am calling cannot hear me. It is very frustrating to be on hold for 15 minutes or long...

Nxw by Novice III
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