Has anyone else had this occur? "Service cancelled"


I and my wife have been looking for alternative service as we now are retired and on fixed income.

Previously had Verizon and were happy with coverage and connectivity, more so than AT&T that we now have. After much research decided to give the low cost Visible a try.

When attempting to place an order for service online, i repeatedly have gotten a pop up message that my service has been cancelled. Again, Ive never had service with Visible.

Ive also checked to verify that there is no issues with Verizon that could be flagging my information. 

Any thoughts?


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Were you with or tried Visible at some point in the past few years? I have been monitoring the forums the last few weeks and have not saw anyone else with this issue so not sure if you will get an answer from another member. 


Also, if you and your wife decide to, and are able to, transfer over from my understanding you will each need your own account which means you will need to use two different email accounts but from what I read you can use the same credit card or form of payment on both. Visible does not a multiple line plan.


Sorry I could not be of more help.