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Resolved! Visible: the exact relationship to Verizon

I was told by visible a couple weeks ago that visible had a hypothetical relationship x with Verizon. My dad saw it on the news that visible had a hypothetical relationship Y with Verizon. I severely doubt that X and Y could both coexist. So is visib...

56ok by Novice III
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Resolved! Bad word caution light vs stop sign

There's some words that are objectively bad. Like the ones that get you fined by the FCC. But sometimes if you're adult enough they could be used as an art form like the Angry Video Game Nerd does. Some of these Auto sensor words are very eager to re...

56ok by Novice III
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Is Visible an Evo-legal ISP?

I posted a tweet that asked a question of the fighting game community. Visible Wireless is a sponsor of Evo video game fighting tournaments. Unfortunately for people like me in data deserts, it's against EVO rules to use a wireless connection in Evo ...

56ok by Novice III
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What I would like to see from Visible

What I would like to see from Visible is more reliable service. Faster and useable data and hot spot that works reliably. There are times the data and hot spot is unusable. If they made these changes Visible would be an awesome service. I suspect you...