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Resolved! Reinstall eSIM Feature

Hi,There should be a feature to allow you to reinstall the eSIM. Because my mom is not good with technology and has a plane flight this evening, I needed to get Visible carrier working ASAP on her phone so she can call and text the family if there ar...

KN028 by Novice
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Resolved! Moving from Visible back to Verizon (port out not needed)

Just wanted to share for anyone else in this situation.Visible was not working well for my wife after moving from Verizon. Dropped calls with Visible’s old system, then no data after moving to Visible+The Visible support rep was GREAT, it was just ge...

GreenSub by Superuser
  • 7 replies
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Resolved! Physical SIM for new Visible Plan(s)

Has anyone upgraded to one of the new Plans and ordered the new SIM? If so, how long did it take to ship? I "upgraded" on August 27 August 17 but the new SIM has yet to ship. Thanks...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 17 replies
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Thanks, Visible!

In light of some more negative feedback regarding the new plans and process of changing, I’d like to say this: the new plans are awesome! I hated the cloud technology backing the old system, and am glad to see my ping from from ~250ms to around 30ms,...

carter_s by Novice II
  • 21 replies
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Thinking of switching to Visible

Thinking of switching to Visible from ATT, but I have questions first. We have Uverse internet, 3 iphones, an ipad, 2 watches and ipods. Will all devices be able to transfer over? What is this party pay I'm reading about and it it good or bad that it...

GMZR by Novice
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