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Hello, I am currently out of USA for work, and I've been paying my $40 monthly charges, but I was wondering if there is a way to avoid it for the next month since I won't be back in US until March 31st.

Thank you


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Perhaps it's not the answer/reply you're looking for, but here's my advice:


1.- Post your Referral Code on Savings Spot Forum to earn $20 for each individual that successfully joins Visible.

2.- Join a Party Group to lower your monthly payment to $25.


You could pay only $5 each month ($40 Normal Price - $15 Party Pay - $20 Referral Credit = $5 Total)


Also, don't forget about WiFi calling. You can still use Visible's service outside of the U.S. of A., as long as you have access/connection to internet via WiFi.

That's the way I use my phone, when traveling/working overseas.


Cancel the service and get a new number on return. That's the best suggestion i can think of. It doesn't make sense to pay for more than 8 months.

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