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Ping times improved - surprise (<100ms)

While it is sad to see party pay go. I noticed that the ping times are improved today. Have anyone else noticed? Guys report your ping times in the comments below. For me multiple speed test show less than 100ms

Voicemail Notifications

Hi All,I just switched from a Galaxy S8 to a S10 and no longer get notifications when I have a voicemail. I have checked the voicemail settings in my phone app and tried using both *86 and my mobile number as my voicemail number, but neither worked. ...

Question about esim Hotspot limitations

A few weeks ago I bought a new unlocked phone (Samsung S22+) and trialed the Visible esim solution. While using the trial I noticed that only one device is allowed on the Hotspot at a time. The second device gets an error (the first device connected ...

Let's Chat Overview

Visible Community is a place to connect with other members, ask questions, and much more. This forum is all about… Well, anything. It’s the general discussion forum, so think about it like an off-topic, Visible-themed discussion. We’d tell you some g...

Customer service causes me confusion

I don’t understand when I’m given a phone number that is active under another person and then give it another phone number same thing finally giving a third number that seems to be clear of other users and then I asked for the caller ID to reflect my...

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