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What do I get for $25 and what additional cost if I bring in my wife?  I am retired Army and a senior.  What kind of service do they provide? Do I call up and ask for assistance or what?


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Hello Sir (sticky) I'm Joyfulmom.   Thank you for serving our great country!  My daughter just graduated as a 2nd Lt. and Army Nurse last month!


Ok, I'm fairly new but let me answer the best that I can:


1.  You can't "call" them, you can only chat online but quite honestly, it's quick, fast and efficient.  You can do this from the MAIN PAGE and there will be a little blue "chat" symbol that you can click on and they will talk with you and help you immediately.

2.  You and your wife can sign up at the same time and use the same credit card but you will have two different accounts.  I thought that was strange at first because I'm used to my family being on one bill but this still works out because it all comes out of my account on the same day since we all signed up on the same day.  Don't let that part scare you away.  The savings is worth it.


3. Here is what you get:  

**Get the unlimited data, messages and minutes you love without hidden fees raising your cost.

**Access international calling to specific countries at no additional cost.

**There’s no data limits on your HOTSPOT usage, so feel free to stream wherever you are.

**Powered by VERIZON so the coverage is great (sometimes gets slow during busy times but that happens with EVERY carrier)!


4.  If you want to get the $25/mo fee (not other charges) then you will need to be in a group of at least 4 other people.  With that being said, you can either start your own group (family friends or whoever...called party pay) OR you can join a group.  Here is a link to join ours if you'd like!  If you join through our group YOUR first month will only be $5 and YOUR WIFE will also only pay $5!  After that it will only cost $25/mo each.  The only thing we all share is the discount, we all have our own private accounts.  It sounds like alot but it's not.  I'm just trying to give a thorough explanation.  I hope I haven't confused you more.  Finally, any friends or family that join you and your wife will also get $5 for the first month and you will again only pay $5  for that month just for them joining.  WIN WIN!


5.  Here is my group information if you'd like to join:   Write the code down before clicking on the link.  You'll use this for both you and your wife.






Joyfulmom....i.e. Mary in Houston,TX


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Joyfulmom gave you a pretty good answer already. One thing I would add is that if you are planning to sign up with your wife, one of you should sign up first, then use the "refer a friend" code from that account to give both of you your first month for $5.


For more details on both the "refer a friend" and "party pay" promotions you can click here if you'd like.


Hope this helps.