How do I bring both my lines over and prepay for both of them?


Intermediate III

You need to establish two separate accounts having unique email addresses; however, they may both use the same payment method (i.e. same credit card, debit card, paypals, etc). Visible doesn't have multi-line accounts (yet).

There are any number of ways to establish and email alias depending on your email provider. In my case,  I simply established a unique outlook email account for which I have everything forwarded to my primary email account. Outlook also allow me to establish additional email aliases for that Outlook email account which allow me to give out unique aliases that allow me to track whom might be selling my email address.

To save a few $$$ on your 1st line signup using someones referral code and you'll get $20 off the first month for that line; once you activate that line, get your own referral code  for your account and use it to receive $20 off the second line. You'll also get a $20 credit on your 1st line for the second month of service on that. Actually more than a few $$$ for you, $60 over the first two months of service.

You can typically find folks referral codes in their profile's posting history (if you've found some to be helpful) or simply grab one from the Savings Spot forum here.

P.S. If your not sure if Visible is right for you, simply signup for 1 line and try it. You can always defer porting the line(s) from your existing carrier after activating once you determined Visible is a good fit for you.