Ordering Problem...can't finish my order


The visible order process is messed up.  It won't let me order my phone and finish the order.  I have been trying to get this order finished for days.... so frustrating.  Please tell me what I need to do to finish my order.  I don't have the option to pay for anything.  It only gives me the affirm option which I don't want to do.


Novice III

Hi TomFink,


Sorry to hear you're having issues. I do not work for Visible, by the way, but I can tell you I initially had an issue signing up with Visible and had to do it again in another browser with fewer privacy settings (which I suspect were gumming up the works). But first, I contacted Visible through chat and they had to close out the account I had created, but was not able to actually use due to an error in the middle of the process. I had to wait for a few days before the account was closed and I could re-establish it as a new account in the second browser.


Admittedly, customer service was less than stellar, as I had to explain myself a few times to the chat rep, but it was all taken care of once I got my point across.


Having said all of this, if I were you I would not keep trying to complete your existing order, but instead try contact Visible directly and see if they have received the order on their end. If not, I would start the whole order over again.


I can say, since having the service, I haven't had any additional issues and things are working well.


Hope this all helps. 


If you still need to sign up as a friend to an existing customer to get your first month for $5 and join party, etc. to save more for up to the first 13 months, I give a detailed explanation of how to do so here: https://community.visible.com/t5/Savings-Spot/3-Ways-to-Save-With-Visible-Get-Your-1st-Year-And-Then....


I wish you well.