SIM swapping - weak Visible security


Why is Visible not offering Port Freeze or Number Lock to protect our mobile number from unauthorized SIM transfers?


Today, you deliver the port code security key via SMS and email. However, if our email is ever compromised and we don't see that email/SMS alert before the hacker can act (within 3-10 seconds), our phone number is basically gone. This would lead to an avalanche of hacks to our bank accounts etc. (wherever we use SMS as a 2FA)


You need a Port Freeze or Number LockOnce pronto. Once this feature is activated, you can't port your number to another line or carrier unless you remove the lock.


AT&T  and T-Mobile have this. So does Verizon, your parent. When can we expect this at Visible?!




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Unless something has changed recently the code is only sent by SMS and not email unless you are in contact with customer service and it will be sent by email. Visible doesn't have the IT resources to implement new 2FA. It has taken most of the year just to get them to fix it so we don't get a code every single time we open the app. It still hasn't been fixed on a browser and at the rate it takes them to add things that will be 6 months out if we get it at all. No other account that I have 2FA on asks me for a code unless I make changes to my account. I would not see any other type of 2FA added unless Visible has another security breach.