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Nervous about possible goodbye from Visible

Hello. I think I was a good member of visible community by coming up with a data desert clause. Unfortunately it takes a long time for Verizon and the FCC to approve it. A few days ago I discovered an error on the visible community that prevented peo...

56ok by Novice III
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New customer, ping is all over the place even checking it every 10 to 30 minutes in the same place... sometimes really good, sometimes really bad.... does an e-sim effect this at all? Would I have more consistency with a physical SIM maybe.. or would...

DaConard by Novice II
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Verizon Note 20 Ultra? not compatible?

Hello, I have a Verizon Note 20 Ultra, and I put in my IMEI number to see if it was compatible with Visible. It said I was not...Does anybody know why that would be? Especially since Visible uses Verizon's towers?Thanks for any input!

funkpod by Novice II
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Party Names

How about the ability to change the name of our party? The party pay plan started with a limit of just 4 members, so many of the party names were personalized. But now party groups are unlimited. We should have the choice to change the name of our pa...

WiFi Calling Problem

2 seconds agoI've tried everything on two different phone lines with visible Wireless to get Wi-Fi calling to work properly. It works fine when I'm at home on my own router but whenever I am outside of my house and try any hot spots or anybody else's...

final thoughts on visible

Okay I'm hoping that someone at corporate will read it and actually implament and fix all issues. What is good? 1 price the ability to get your bill for $5 a month is awesome. Unlimited hot spot and unlimited data when it works is awesome. An awesome...

completely done with Visible

Well where to start. I was asked to come back and give Visible another try by one of the admins. I was told You shouldn't have had customer service hanging up on you and you shouldn't have terrible data speeds This is all true. I figured You are righ...