Novice II

I signed up to trade my old phone in and port my number  on 9/17. I received the acceptance emails and everything seemed fine. The next day, 9/18,  I signed my wife up, bought a phone outright for her and got the acceptance emails. Shortly thereafter , we received an email (re; Wifes phone order) that the password wasn't correct and the PIN was needed. That was sent and the everything was okayed and the shipping info was received. THIS made me wonder as to if something went awry with my order, as I did mine the day before the exact same way.

  Meanwhile, Nothing more was received per My order, So I went to Chat with Visible.

  "Shannon was personable and checked into the issue. She said that the order didn't go through and that there was a problem on the "Backend" (whatever that means) and that the issue would be escalated and I would hear back within 48 hours. Shannon gave me the "Escalation number" in the Chat and we ended. Before I could even write the "Escalation number" down, the whole Chat history was removed for a "Take the Survey" button. 

   After reading some of the other horror stories on this forum, this concerns me, and is making Us reconsider our choice to relocate our phone provider to Visible.

   I've made the decision to refuse delivery of my Wife's phone tomorrow as it will prevent getting in any deeper if Visible can't even handle my order  the day before.  

   My experience with phone providers has been that even if the service is good, once "Customer Service" is required, you learn quickly just how much your phone provider really cares.




Do you have a question, or did you just post here to say that Visible may have messed up one of your phone orders & you are moving on to a different provider?


If you think that rejecting the phone & everything will be back to normal, I would think twice about that plan. You will likely have to contact Visible again to make sure the credit goes through.


It may be easier just to start another chat & follow up on the first order.

Novice II

Following up to my original Post...  Visible has corrected the original issues with my order and I'm happy to say that my new phone has shipped and the porting of my number has been authorized by my previous provider. 

Kudos to Shannon with Customer Service and to Visible to for straightening out the issues.

Now I'm a happy Customer.