For long term customers of Visible, how much do you think you've saved since you've had Visible compared to your previous carrier? 


Intermediate III

I never been with a carrier before but I would say a huge amount since Verizon is king in my area and a post paid plan not even near what Visible offers is upwards of $100 a month. I have been here for 2 1/2 years and been accruing referral credits most of the time I have been here so saving $95 a month give or take.

Intermediate III

About $45 per month after switching from TMO... but that needs to be offset by some of the TMO perks (e.g. Netflix on Us, Hulu on Us, Apple TV+ on us, etc) that I found no longer worth the added cost. At the same time, my primary reason for leaving TMO was Starlink availability for home internet. The occasional referral credit saves a bit more. Visible simply serves as my primary phone/text service as well as a backup position for Starlink.

So overall paying more but now at least have reliable home internet. Despite the bloated cost of Starlink, I was able to drop the overpriced DISH network and now rely on streaming services that are more affordable and in at least one instance free with a little effort. In the bigger picture probably close to break even and getting more bang for the buck - Visible savings are a big part of that strategy.