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How does Visible protect its customers against sim card swap fraud? 


For those that don't know what this is:


Intermediate III

Your pin is random and created only for the port out. It only last 7 days and must be requested in the app by the user

What if I'm not porting out. What if someone else calls in and says "I lost my phone and bought a new one, here's the new sim"? What does customer service do to vet this and protect your phone number from getting stolen? Lots of your accounts are secured (I hope) by 2 factor authentication these days, so if they get your phone, they've got access to all your other accounts.

Sorry for the late response. It is secure by two factor in a sense. The customer service rep sends an acknowledgement email to you that you must confirm for any support over chat and email

Intermediate III

But if they stole your phone or have it, that is different I guess. They likely have access to your email