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Activation Nightmare!

Should it take 5 1/2 hours to activate a new phone, on a new account on an Esim?Is this normal or am I just unlucky that I exposed the HUGE holes in this so called system.By the way when it appears when a Customer service rep gets to the end of their...

My new phone

I need help! I was scammed and the person had access to my phone through an app called app desk. I want someone to look at settings with me and make sure I can block anything from happening. I have deleted the "app desk" app that was installed on my ...

Verizon acquiring Visible

I've been with Visible for a year or two. Lately my phone has been lagging: messages often don't send the first try, my internet connection seems to have been throttled down, etc. Has anyone else noticed something similar? Or maybe my phone just deci...

JoeyHoyt by Novice II
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Previous owner still listed for my new number

I don’t know if anyone else is having my issue? I came to Visible from AT&T. I decided not to transfer my old number from my previous carrier. Visible let me choose my new number. I kept the same pre fix 891 but I changed the last 4 numbers. Well I p...

SMS messages can receive but not send on iPhone 6s

Spent 2.5 hours on chat with technician trying to resolve why I can receive SMS messages, but I cannot send them. No resolution. All settings are correct, latest IOS, Anyone having this issue specifically?

smb by Novice
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New phone

See More (Highlight to read) Just bought a Walmart Verizon pay as you go phone bc my straight talk phone wasn't compatible.Site says the Verizon Walmart phone isn't either. Why?

GRB1111 by Novice
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