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Calls fail when using Siri

Siri works fine with everything else, but when I ask Siri to call someone, Siri says “Ok, calling..,” then the call immediately fails. Anyone else experience this?

Leanna by Novice
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Visoble servers down??

I have been trying for a week to activate the new networks but cant log into the app and cant evrn bring up the websire. Meanwhile Visible continues to send me threatening emails saying they are going to cut me off, Im seriously considering taking my...

Wyatt by Novice
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I'm already a customer

Why can't I do what I need to get a Visible upgrade. This is so frustrating. I have tried everything and my service is going to be shut off. For the other phone it was easy, I just needed a new sim card. For the other account, I'm getting no place.

huffl by Novice
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Visible Stole My Phone

So I got the promo code for the Orbic Myra 5g. When it arrived the box was damaged and the screen was broken on the phone. I messaged visible and was told to send it back and they would send me a new one. They sent me a label and I did as I was told....

PSA: Compatibility Checker

FWIW and for the longest time, my Samsung S21 5G (SM-G99U1) had been showing as incompatible (despite that it does in fact work). After a casual mention in passing was made over on one of the Visible subreddit's threads, I verified the phone's compat...