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The Ultimate HOW MUCH I SAVED Thread πŸ’ͺπŸ˜ŽπŸ’°


Heyo! πŸ‘‹

As we all know, Visible is among - if not the MOST AFFORDABLE, QUALITY cellular option on the market.

So, we're all DYING to know.... how much did YOU save by making the switch!?!? πŸ€”

(In accordance with our standard Community Guidelines, make sure NOT TO TRASH other providers)



Alright - so to kick us off here's a breakdown of the costs for my wife and I... we were at the time on the cheapest available 3GB shared data plan @ $82 for the service + $10 for taxes and fees - totaling $92/month.

Switching to Visible with PartyPay we're now paying $50 for the two of us all in! So we're saving $42/month, that's roughly 50% cheaper than what we were paying for phone service! πŸ˜±πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

You gotta have a chart for these things... amiright?

Max "PP" discount πŸ˜‚

Looks like you are saving over $500 a year with the switch to Visible. 

Novice II

I used to have a Cricket Wireless family plan for 3 lines that cost me $90 for 5 GB for each line. Now I pay $75 for 3 lines with Party Pay. So I'm saving $15 a month.

Intermediate III

About $30

Novice III

I was on the highest top tier unlimited plan at Verizon.  Total monthly payments including fees and taxes were about $95.  By joining Visible and being part of Party Pay with at least 4 members, I pay only $25 a month.  Total monthly savings: $70!

Thank you, Visible!

That is some sweet savings, @marciano! πŸ’°πŸ‘πŸ‘

Novice II

Believe it or not $100 a month!!! 

Give us the breakdown, if you don't mind. πŸ™‚

Novice III

I came from a 4GB shared data plan that was $120/month for 3 lines, on Verizon. I am the only one that switched to Visible, but I hope I can get the rest of my family to switch eventually. It would bring down the price to $75/month if we added one other person.

"It would bring down the price to $75/month if we added one other person."

You don't even need to create your own group.  Just join those that are already there. πŸ™‚

In my case, the only drawback that I've found so far with Visible is the slow download speed on the tethered lappy.  While with some sites, I can get 2 mbps.  With most, the dl is peaked at 200, 300, or 400 kbps.  It could be the sites' issue, I know.

I got wind of Visible, when I was at  Someone dropped the name and Party Pay, and I went with it.  So far, so good.  The only potential concern I have right now is the signal strength inside certain buildings, which others have posted about.  I spend a lot of time studying in a local library.  Because of the pandemic, it is closed.  There is no way for me to test the signal until it is re-opened after the pandemic.


Novice III

I migrated from Mint Mobile with an Unlimited talk/text & 3 GB LTE data plan (128k speeds after cap) which start off at $15 a month but has to be paid in three-month increments. The data was unusable at 128k which was barely tolerable in emails only. The price also hikes an additional $10 a month after the initial 3 months which is in very small print. The price and service were decent enough with some caveats.


Visible ended up being a much better option with the free 5 Mbps hotspot (one device) and excellent connectivity/service at the same price range thanks to Party Pay. The savings was probably only $10 but the feature set is not really comparable. Visible just does a lot more for the same or a bit higher cost, and bringing your own phone saves you even more.

Novice III

Can't put a price on it as nowhere gives you true unlimited for an awesome price.  I'd be struggling by with a couple of gigs if it wasn't for visible.  



Plus got sent some candy today woohoo

Novice III

Saved $60.  Costs a lot for 1 line on postpaid.


Must have saved about $300 on a new iphone too.


Thankx Visible


Two Dollars... Cash Money



Left US Mobile, was paying $30 for 30 GBs per month, on top that $6.36 in fees.  
Visible 11 dollars less, $25 since I joined a party plan.

Novice II

Came from Verizon. Unlimited data on phone, ipad, and watch. No installment plans on any of the devices. $123.00-$127.00 a month including taxes and fees. Now $40, $25 if I join a party plan just am going without the data on the ipad(can use phone as hotspot) and the sometimes convenience of having the watch paired to my phone via cellular. Conservatively about $90 in savings

I'm extremely satisfied so far with the service Visible has provided in my neck of the woods--a northwest suburb of Los Angeles.  It has good signal, and it has saved me exactly $70 a month.  The ONLY potential concern that I have is its indoor coverage, which some have posted about.  When the pandemic is over--it has to be over at some point, lol, I will be spending a lot of time in a local library as before the pandemic.  I don't know what Visible's signal will be.  When I was with Verizon, however, its signal was OK in most places inside that library.  Visible uses Verizon's network--we all know that.

Novice II

I was on T-mobile 55+ plan and for 2 lines was paying $70 and now paying $50 for two lines.  So the monthly savings is only $20 x 12 = $240 year, BUT, since Visible uses Verizon's network, the cell reception is so much better.  We had a cellspot in our house because the T-mobile reception was so bad.  When the Internet went down, so did our ability to make phone calls.   Had Verizon post paid for years prior to going to Tmo, but for 4 lines was paying like $230/month.  That was insane.  


We actually pay more we had a great Cricket Black Friday Deal at 20 per line x 5 lines. the catch was 5GB data. So we went to T-mobile in November for the free iPhone 12 offer with trade in. Well I asked at the store if the service doesn't work in my area can I cancel and get my phones back. They assured me they would let us try it out. Well after a couple of days dropping calls I went to the store and said no problem I have no service where I am at so cancel. They said yes we can do that. OK give me my old phones back. Your old phone? We sent them as a trade in to assurance. Well after many, many calls to T-mobile New Jersey Team a manager stepped up and got the company to allow us to keep the new phones pay the 17/mo that we were paying for the upgraded phones. Unlock them and let us switch to a carrier of our choice. They did the right thing by us. Net savings 15.00 but we now have service. after the 17/mo we are -2.00 but again we now have service and unlimited hot spot.

Novice III

Straight talk - $47.68/month (includes taxes) w/ "High Speed Data" for the first 25GB. No hotspot. Had to use PDANET.

Visible - $25/month


$22.68/month savings. That is $272.16/year!


Novice II

I was paying $87.50 a month for one  line and now I'm paying $25!! Woo-hoo 


I’m saving almost $150 a month for two lines that went from Verizon to Visible, where I get more!   I cannot understand why everyone hasn’t figured it out????  If you can’t find three friends, create a party, and pay $25 a month for unlimited everything, you have to go look in the mirror!  I’m 50, a guy, I’m NOT tech savvy, and I pulled it off.  So easy, a caveman (me) can do it!  No offense to cavemen!*. Lol

Novice II

ATT 3 phones 1 apple watch $162.67

Visible 2 phones (son paying for his own now using our partypay) 1 apple watch $65

ATT 1 yr = $1952.04      Vissible 1 yr = $780

1 yr savings switching to Visible $1172.04  !!!!!