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Upgrade and downgrade question

I am currently on the monthly regular visible plan for $25. If I decide to upgrade to visible Plus for $35 a month and then decide for whatever reason I do not like it and go back to the regular visible plan, will I be still paying $25 a month? I hav...

JSinbad by Novice II
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Resolved! Autopay

Has anyone else noticed a recent change to autopay? Got an earlier than expected notification via email of autopay. Previously it hit on the billing due date and the latest one hit the night before the due date. Looking at the billing payments page, ...

Over charged again.

So it has been 8 months since I canceled I protection plan back in August of last year. And now still 8 months later visible continues to charge me for this plan. Every month I have to wait in line talk to customer service just for them to tell me I ...


If I am bring over 4 phones, how does that work. Do I need to set up 4 separate accounts?

Why visible not receiving payment

Hey! Everyone In visible land. Im just waving my flag of distress. Visible is not allowing me to make a payment. My phone is off . Been texting them for two days , no help .Never know it ,was this hard to pay a phone bill. Someone in visible land wit...

Loyalty Discount

Well, well. They’ve done it. They have finally respected us loyal legacy Party Pay customers. Check your account today 2/2/23. You’ll see that if you switch to the new $30 Visible plan from the $40/$25PP plan you’ll now get $5 off your monthly bill, ...