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how and where do i have to take my acp application

I would like to know how are you going to accept my affordable connectivity program application after i sign up for your telephone service and my telephone is paid in full from t mobile and is fully unlocked or should i trade in for the same phone th...

Resolved! 5G Home Internet?

Quick question - I see that Verizon offers a Home Internet Plan to customers for just $25/month. Since Visible is owned by Verizon, does anyone know if Visible will offer this plan option anytime soon? I do realize that it would depend on the Verizon...

Samsung Galaxy compatible?

I have a friend with my same phone, purchased from same retailer on the same day. Yet his Samsung Galaxy S21 five g is visible compatible (IMEI yes) and my S21 five g isn't (IMEI no). According to Visible website, Samsung S21 should be compatible. On...

jmj123 by Novice
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Any Difference?

Can anyone tell me if there are any coverage differences between Verizon’s Unlimited Plans and Visible, other than price? Apps all still work, etc.? Thank you.


I'd like to confirm that Visible works over wi-fi.I have an Iphone 6s that works well with verizon on wi-fi.I don't have strong cell signals at home so it is important that all functions work over wi-fi with Visible

Verizon acquiring Visible

I've been with Visible for a year or two. Lately my phone has been lagging: messages often don't send the first try, my internet connection seems to have been throttled down, etc. Has anyone else noticed something similar? Or maybe my phone just deci...

JoeyHoyt by Novice II
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