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Resolved! Serious but weird question

I have been trying and trying to create a visible account, buy a phone and service from visible, but my email is continually refused as "invalid", evidently because it has an underscore in it--all the other symbols are letters and numbers. I checked ...

AmyinMN by Novice
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Resolved! Visible: the exact relationship to Verizon

I was told by visible a couple weeks ago that visible had a hypothetical relationship x with Verizon. My dad saw it on the news that visible had a hypothetical relationship Y with Verizon. I severely doubt that X and Y could both coexist. So is visib...

56ok by Novice III
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2-Days and counting

Been waiting multiple days for help. Currently in my 10th chat session with a promised call but still no one has called me. Seriously, how does anyone get help? Ref id zero three two three three six five six

Visible Midnight MicroSD card expansion

Has anyone been able to expand the 32GB of storage with an SD card? I've tried every card and it only allows for Portable Storage. I've contacted support and they've said to contact Wingtech. However, since I'm just the average Joe, I can't really do...

Party Names

How about the ability to change the name of our party? The party pay plan started with a limit of just 4 members, so many of the party names were personalized. But now party groups are unlimited. We should have the choice to change the name of our pa...

Party Pay posts

Can we please limit the posts from people trying to get others to use their friend code to just the SAVINGS SPOT forum? It's getting to be very difficult to read any posts without having to scroll through tons of posts trying to get people to use the...

JWM by Novice II
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