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Resolved! Decision time: hone cellular internet act now or wait?

I assume the saving spot is a place to talk about comparing deals of visible versus the rest of the cellular community. If it isn't, the months have a permission to retitle it and move it to the mire appropriate "let's chat". I was wrong. Luckily my ...

56ok by Novice III
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Hi, just cancelled a 2 week service with Consumer Cellular because they stated I was in their coverage area. Because of my particular geographic location, I did not get coverage at my house. They did work and try to resolve the issue, but no luck. Th...

sterae by Novice
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Resolved! Samsung S215G FE Compatibility?

I'm looking at the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE (fan edition) 5G on the samsung website as an unlocked phone in 256GB. The price seems attractive to me as paying it off in 6 months or so is possible and the battery is bigger than that in the s22. I see the ...

Resolved! Serious but weird question

I have been trying and trying to create a visible account, buy a phone and service from visible, but my email is continually refused as "invalid", evidently because it has an underscore in it--all the other symbols are letters and numbers. I checked ...

AmyinMN by Novice
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Resolved! An imperfection in Rebate program

As a company visible tends to be open, up front, honest, and fair. Between unlimited 5 meg hotspot, $25 a month if you find three friends willing to join in, not selling what you don't need, and listening to the point of sending it up to network maps...

56ok by Novice III
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Magenta network is 5G swiss cheese

On the tv commercials the magenta network looks like the whole state of Ohio is covered in 5G. But zoom in and you see a different story. Zoom into your home address because that's where you're going to use it most. When it was the yellow Network we ...

56ok by Novice III
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Which OnePlus phones are compatible with Visible?

Which low-cost OnePlus phones are compatible with Visible?I'm looking at the following:OnePlus 6TOnePlus 7TOnePlus Nord N10OnePlus Nord N200Is there a comprehensive list of OnePlus phones that are compatible with Visible?