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Hot Spot Happy

Live in rural area with wireless broadband that can be unreliable depending on the weather. Enlisted with Visible with the intention to use the hot spot as my backup plan that I've used several times now successively. Also purchased an external anten...

Chato by Novice II
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Pro-internet Voters Debate forum

If you were going to base your federal and state and local votes on what is best for you for the internet this is the topic to do it in. I eventually found out later that I was screwed by the regulations put into place of the federal 2010 Broadband A...

56ok by Novice III
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Visible 5G so slow?

I just switched from cricket and found that the mobile data speed is much slower. Only get 2-3 mbps download. Checked the map and have 5G coverage. I got 30+ mbps from 4G LTE before. Is that normal?

New Questions

What do I get for $25 and what additional cost if I bring in my wife? I am retired Army and a senior. What kind of service do they provide? Do I call up and ask for assistance or what?

Sticky by Novice
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Can't Log In with App or Online to Pay my Bill

Hi, I can't log in with the app or online website to pay my bill. I get an error msg with the app. I tried using the chat box for help, but didn't get a response. Any ideas? Please don't tell me to use autopay. I don't autopay anything. Cheers, Gmone...