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Are the plans truly unlimited? Most companies offer unlimited data up to 30-35 gigs then you go to low speed. Is this truly unlimited data and Hotspot every month?


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Hi Yayyay,

Visible offers truly unlimited data and hotspot. This means that you can use as much data as you wish and not have to worry about throttling after a certain amount of usage.


Tecxy is technically correct, but left out the reality that visible starts out throttled at 5mbs, which is a pretty good, but not fantastic, speed (I can normally stream video at 360p or sometimes better).


Also, if I remember correctly, if the network is really busy, Visible may dial things back per user (less than 5mbs), but this has not seemed to be much of an issue since we have been using Visible as our exclusive internet option (2 phones with hotspot/tethering) for the past couple months.


Hope this ads further clarity.


BTW, if you would like to take advantage of the refer a friend discount or the party pay plan discount, you can read my post here for a simple explanation of how to go about either/both.