Visible Hiring Process Very Unprofessional


I applied for a position to work as chat support and I have to honestly say this was the worst hiring experience so far I have ever encountered here with Visible.


I was told that I would be interviewing with the hiring manager for 2 weeks straight now to only have NOT received a single response or call from anyone. I've reached out 3 times to the person who texted me about moving on to the next step which is the phone interview. The person even promised me to get back to me this week and it is currently going on Friday and no one has contacted me.


With the way the world is shifting from dealing with unprofessionalism and being undervalued in the work enviroment, I now understand why so many are not going to settle to be mistreated as if they are not worthy.


My application process was high quality due to my years of experience in customer support that I was contacted immediately after applying to only have NOT been accepted for the job.


I've passed up 2 jobs just because I felt I would be working for Visible and really wanted to work here, but now I see I was lead on and skipped over due to whatever reason. I am not mad but a promise is a promise. I now wouldn't feel comfortable working or dealing with a company that doesn't value you and this is one reason millions have left their jobs to find a better team of people to work with.


I hope the Visible team feel where I am coming from because so many companies are missing out on valuable people because of the people they have chose to select their best assets.