Visible isn’t just a phone service


So anyone who doubts visible and their service and their dedication to the customer, I would like to share a story. I’ve been with visible since the good old testing days when it started and u needed a invite to join. Anyways couple years back I lost my job and couldn’t pay for Christmas for my babies and visible seen my post. They reached out to me to help with Christmas via Amazon gift cards. Visible isn’t just a phone service it’s real humans behind that screen w hearts of gold. Just remember they will do anything they can to help u. I just spoke with them the other day and they asked how my surgery went. What phone service even knows let alone remembers it! I will never leave visible I love the service and above all each and every staff member are like family to me. I love visible mobile! 


Intermediate III


Visible is awesome carrier network which any other carrier cannot take its place. I like its unlimited data plan and hotspot plan for very less price.

We are waiting for some more features on the Visible network. 

Novice II

That is really awesome 🙂

Great to know that people still care !

Novice II

That's incredible!! I'm new and trying to get hold of them and see if there are going to bring the "OnePlus 8 Pro" phone to Visible. I'm not a customer yet! Will love to, but I Love my OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren with T-Mobile and want to Join Visible but want to get the OnePlus 8 Pro and can't find a customer service link anywhere which is making kind of worry if I ever need them. I just checked Yahoo Mobile and it looks like is Visible and have a great Customer Service and told me they will be getting the phone by the 1st week of April "which is awesome" but there is NO party pay so I will have to $40 per month which is not bad if you have Customer Service / Support. Love to join Visible because of the party pay which can lower my bill to $25.00 which is "incredible". There is other ways to saved more money? I said this to you as you have been with Visible for a while. I have been with T-Mobile since day one all I get is a "FREE" phone every few years, my McLaren I had to paid $150.00 plus taxes and my bill is $50.00 which I think is to high as a Marine Corps Veteran and want to saved more money that is why I'm looking at Visible as it is owned by Verizon which is VERY expensive. Any advise to all of "us" novice will be appreciated "FUMFO". 

Thank you in advanced!!!