What is the benefit of having your own party?


Hello all, new user of Visible. I have looked high and low and cannot find out what, if any, benefit there is to having your own Party?  I have a number of family members that may join Visible so I will use the referral code for each, but I am trying to figure out if it makes any sense to start a new party or just have everyone join one of the mega groups.  Unfortunately there are so many links to requests to join various parties that my attempts to search for an answer to this basic question have met with failure ... and if there is no benefit to the person who starts a party, I can't figure out why there are so many people starting them and putting in the time and effort to find additional people to join.  Thank you to anyone who can clarify this!



Ego? Hahaha... I have no idea? I joined Visible (family  of 4) well before you could have unlimited parties.  Seems like any party over 10 gives you peace of mind that you would be locked into the $25 rate...? If you need a party feel free to join or start you own.... 




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Additional information needed? https://www.visible.com/help


Moxie said it best, just join a party with more than the minimum of four. You don't want the surprise of being in a small party, and someone dropping out, and your bill going from $25, to $30, $35, or $40.


No benefits for people starting parties, in fact I think it is a waste of time. Join a large party (at least 10+) and be done with it.

Do you have to wait until you get the SIM card to choose your party?  Or can you browse the groups ahead of time?

No i think you need to wait for the service to be activated then only you can join the party 🥳🎉

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