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Omg , after weeks of not getting ported in , and over 50 hours of chat, I asked how case was coming , tech has been working on my problem, and the tech said it was former carriers fault they wouldn’t release and they were waiting for permission. My o...

Multifactor Authentication

Just as a heads up... as I was logging into my account this AM to pay my bill, it occurred to me what would have happened had I been unable to complete the login had I not been able to receive the now required SMS text code verification? Sorry, auto-...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Charged for phone swap?

I was charged $100 for a reason I don't know why. I had swapped my phone for a Visible phone of $100 value, sending my old phone in within the allotted time frame. I tried getting ahold of Visible's customer service several different ways but all I g...

Don't leave your Party Plan!

The grass is never greener on the other side. Don't give up what already works for you, read between the lines. Nothing in the new plans are any better than the one you already have but you have to pay more for it. As long as you have 4 or more membe...

Jim2 by Novice II
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unable to use phone

what a terrible company. They could not activate my visible service butdid cancel my service with Verizon. so have had no phone service for 14 hours now. asked to speak with a supervisor ands was told one would call me within 3 hours. that was 4 hour...

asteer by Novice
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