Why was I charged twice by affirm for a phone when my order was cancelled?, And will I get a refund?


You would need to contact Affirm since they are the ones financing it. You would likely need to contact Visible, or Affirm will, to have some type of verification that an order was canceled but not sure.

Well I did all that. Visible says to contact affirm and affirm says to contact Visible. Now What?

Nobody here can really help you since this is a peer to peer forum and not customer service. 


Find out from Affirm what information they need from Visible. Affirm and Visible are two different companies and Visible has nothing to do with them except using them for financing. 

Has your issue been resolved?

Not sure why you are asking me, it wasn't my issue to begin with!

sorry meant to reply   to the original poster not to your comment.