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Poor Customer Service

Hi guys, Lately I've had some issues with customer service here at Visible. I am wondering if anyone else has this same problem. I recently purchased a Fold 4 expecting to be able to use E-Sim as most companies are going that way. Well no, they don't...

Signal Loss

I joined Visible in 2019. Since then, I've convinced my dad; 7 coworkers, their wives and kids; my best friend, his wife and their three kids; my best friend's mother-in-law, father-in-law, sister-in-law, brother-in-law and their kids; two of my best...

phaedra by Novice
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Resolved! OnePlus 8

I have a OnePlus 8 phone that I used with visible about a year ago but left service because of location. I now what to come back and the compatibility check said that it isn't compatible anymore. Could someone let me if they using the OnePlus 8

Porting phone number from Verizon

Will Visible App let me know when Verizon has finished ported my number to Visible? Or do I wait for an email or text message from Visible? Don't want to insert Visible Sim until I know I can complete the shift to Visible completely.

ramckie by Novice
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Hi, I tried placing an order for a new phone and when I put the card information it stated that there is an issue with my card. I have done this twice, yesterday and today. Its ready in my shopping cart. I also received an email stating I changed my ...

3v3 by Novice
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Resolved! i gave it a good run

Well i tried but just can't take the poor data speeds (.36Mbps DL) anymore and with the price increase its a good time to go back to AT&T prepaid for the 25$ a month deal.

GWB by Novice III
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New plan LTE speeds?

Anyone have the new plans? Anyone compaired their Legacy LTE speeds to the new plan LTE speeds?Asking about LTE because I have an XR and myy wife has an 11, neither of them have 5G. I was wondering what the speeds are on the two new plans. Visible fo...

jimjrfl by Intermediate
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