change from Verizon to visible


I currently have Verizon with a 5G modem, I also  have Disney bundle thru Verizon. If I change over, do i need a 5G modem and do I loose the Disney Bundle package?


Visible does not offer any streaming packages so you would lose the Disney bundle unless you buy a subscription separately.


As for the 5G modem, not sure how to answer this. Visible doesn't offer an internet package or service. Although you can use your smart phone for hotspot, it is limited to 5Mbps speeds on the basic plan and believe they raised the limit to 10Mbps on the plus plan, it is unlimited. Just be aware that it does go against Visible's terms and conditions to use their service as a replacement for whole home internet. If you have Verizon home internet Visible does offer a $5 discount for those on the basic plan and $10 off if you have the plus plan but I think that is limited to new Verizon home internet customers and not existing customers who already have that but it may be possible to get it applied by talking to Verizon customer service. I am unsure how to get this code, I think you need to request it from Visible customer service and they will email you a code.