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completely done with Visible

Superuser Founder
Superuser Founder

Well where to start.  I was asked to come back and give Visible another try by one of the admins.  I was told You shouldn't have had customer service hanging up on you and you shouldn't have terrible data speeds This is all true.  I figured You are right.  We are human we all deserve a second chance.  I am totally blind.  I had to have them port my number in automatically.  They did.  3 months come and go.  No gift card.  I still have bad data speeds from time to time.  Okay that will probably never improve.  I will go with that assumsion until I'm proven wrong.  I also couldn't make calls on Monday the 31 of January for 3 hours I could receive them.  I try to chat in with customer service every  time I try to chat with customer service they hang up with me.  I can't say anything.      so the gift card issue hasn't been resolved.  .