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Still can’t text

Still can’t send/receive texts so I can’t even go online to chat because of the update, requires 2 factor authentication, and sends the code via text to my phone. Get this fixed Visible!!

No good

A week of service et hop cannot receive text messages. Let's leave the shrinking vessel

SOS Only with new SIM card

Got the new SIM card with the change in the Visible service, and now I cannot connect to the network. I think the SIM card is BAD, I've powered off and on my phone at least ten times. I never had this problem with my prior SIM card.

wrkutah by Novice
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how can I stop being thrown out of the help line

I am trying to activate my phone. I was in party pay and I have transferred to the new plan. I got my sim this morning and since 11 AM I have been trying to activate it. I have had no luck. I get on the help line but I keep getting thrown off after a...

Anyone from party pay regret changing to new network?

Visible has emailed me twice now and sent me a notification recently about changing from my current party pay plan to the new $30 plan with a $5 ongoing discount. I am satisfied with the service I get now and am reluctant to change when I apparently ...