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How are we doing!? 🤷‍♂️💡

VisiSquad, Transparency is key, so I wanted to start a thread and get some feedback from our members. Let me know what you think about the community and what you think we can do to make it better.  I am especially interested in the topics, discussio...


Phone recommendations

Does anyone know what flip phones will work with visible service? Preferably a smart phone that's has a flip body style.

Posts with new updates do not bubble up to the top

This community is very hard to use as topics with new comments do not bubble up to the top. Posts can only be sorted based on how new the first post in a thread is. Other forums sort discussions by having those with the most recent posts or replies s...

Google Pixel 4a 5g from Visible

I thinking about the Pixel 4a 5g from Visibe but cann't find a model number for it.I want to know if it's a Verizon model or a true Google Editon. Does anybody that purchased one from Visible know the model number?

Resolved! New phone, same sim?

I'm about to buy a new phone. Is swapping my Visible sim out of my old phone and into my new phone all that's required?

Resolved! Is the Galaxy S9 SM-G960U (not U1) Supported?

I currently have a Samsung Galaxy SM-G960U on AT&T that is working well. I would like to move to Visible with the wife and kids, however, it currently fails the IMEI test. I have completed my contract with AT&T and they have sent me an unlock code. I...

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