moving service from verizon to visible can I do this if I owe on my phone?


I am looking to moving service from Verizon.  Can I transfer service to  visible if I owe on my phone?  


If you owe Verizon I am pretty sure they will want payment on anything you owe them before you port. Also, you need to make sure the phone is unlocked.

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DeanKevin64 is right. You won't be able to transfer if you still owe on a phone. I have 2 lines on my Verizon Wireless family plan that are paying off phones (36 months - just over a year down). And the way Verizon keeps you on their service is, you get a discount every month - so paying it off early is a lot of lost $ (at least with the promo we got).

Also keep in mind that Verizon Wireless Family Plans go way up in cost if there are less than 4 lines per family plan. (4 lines = max discount per line).

But for the lines that didn't have a phone payment plan, we were able to transfer them to Visible almost instantly from Verizon (iPhone 14 and 15) - took less than 5 mins per line. Pretty cool!