trying swap program it shows montly rate of 40.00 is there 25.00 rate i can get


Novice III

Yes.  Very easy.  Go to the Savings discussion group and lots of folks are wanting new folks to join their party.  If you want to join my party, let me know and I will give you our party name and explain what needs to be done.




Your first month could be just $5, and each additional month service could be $25.


Check out this page: https://www.visible.com/get/36mt7h , it has all the info you need to know about joining Visible. When you use my friend code, 36mt7h, you’ll get your first month of service for only $5!


Maximize your savings by joining Rakuten first:




By using the above link, and making a $30 purchase, you will get a $30 rebate.


Then, be sure to use the Visible link at Rakuten:




Your purchase at Visible through the Rakuten site may net you another $15 rebate.


So let's do the math:

$5 for the first month of service on Visible ($35 savings)

Join a party and pay $25/month for service in the future ($15/monthly savings) (Join a large group, don't mess around with parties trying to get the minimum of four people)

$30 rebate for joining Rakuten and spending $30

$15 rebate from Rakuten when making a purchase on the Visible site


If you just join Visible and pay $40 for 12 months (regular price), you will have paid Visible $480 for service for one year.


If you use my referral code & then join a party ($5 x 1) + ($25 x 11), you will pay Visible only $280 for service for one year, for a savings of $200.


If you join Rakuten, and use the above links, you could be eligible for up to $45 in rebates. $280 - 45 = $235 for one year of service with Visible.


Amortize that out by 12 months -- $235/12 = $19.58/month for service for one year. That is a DEAL!!!




Use a referral & get your first moth of service for $5. Join a party pay, and each additional month is $25 for service. Join Rakuten & use the Visible links there to get a rebate & generate additional savings.