Incomplete Phone Compatibility - Samsung SM-G977U


Just moved to Visible today and brought along my Samsung SM-G977U.  Prior to moving from Google Fi, I confirmed phone was compatible and 5G was available in my area.


Sadly, now that I ported my number I no longer have 5G access. Visible support says this Samsung phone is not compatible with their 5G network.


Wishing that had been made clear when I checked compatibility.  Suggest that be added when people check.


PS: Had no idea the name of the phone (not model) was a "bad word" and I couldn't post it in the message


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Hey there! As more devices become compatible with our 5G network, you'll be able to find the updates by visiting this link

Thanks but as I said, when I checked compatibility before switching services, it indicated my phone was compatible when in fact it was not full compatible.  So now I have wait and there is no guarantee 5G will ever be available for this phone.


If a phone isn't fully compatible, the compatibility check should highlight what will work and what wont so the consumer make an informed decision.