$15 off for 12 months promo


I signed up in January for the $15 off for 12 months promo.  I just received an email saying I will lose the $15 discount if I do not port a number in within the next 7 days. Trying to chat for help using the app, but they never respond during the timeout window for the chat. Anyone know what up with that promo?  Thanks


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I believe part of the fine print to the promo was that you needed to port in a number. Once you get the temporary number you have 30 days to port in.


There have been a number of complaints about the app timing out. Contact chat through the website and not the app. Better yet it might be faster to use Facebook messenger and send them a message that way. You can find the link by clicking the box with the "f" in it at the bottom righthand corner of this page.

Thanks Skibik!