So was anyone else misled and deceived about the “Get up to a $200 virtual gift card.” Deal??? Then when you click on the deal it says: 


Get up to a $200 virtual gift card when you switch to Visible

1-Join Visible and create your account.


2-Transfer your number from an Eligible Carrier within 14 days of transaction


3-Set up your SIM and activate.


4-After completing 3 full months of service payments, you will receive an email with a code to redeem your virtual gift card



*Some restrictions apply. See offer details, https://www.visible.com/shop/smartphones



Offer disclosure: New members who (1) purchase a qualifying device or bring their own, (2) transfer their existing phone number from an Eligible Carrier within 14 days of transaction , (3) activate their Visible service, & (4) complete 3 full months' service payments, are eligible to receive up to a $200 virtual gift card, redeemable via a promo code, which is valid for a select offering on https://www.visibleoffers.com.

Device & promo eligibility is subject to change. Specific gift card values are limited to a devices' displayed gift card value at time of transaction, as found here. This promotion is fulfilled through a 3rd-party, Blackhawk Network Holdings, Inc., and may be subject to additional policies and terms.


Limit 1 virtual gift card per member per device . The promo code is itself not a gift card and has no cash value. Promo code and redemption instructions will be emailed to the member after qualification. While supplies last. Limited time offer. Can only be combined with other Visible promos where indicated.”
I did all of those things and switched over from my previous carrier and in the fine print it even says if you 1- buy a new device or 2-bring your own. 

well, apparently they just pick and choose who they give their deals to because I did all of those things and only needed to pay 2 more months and they are saying that it’s only if you buy a device. I have spent hours upon hours setting everything up and porting my old number and switching and having to chat with about 10 different people because it kept getting disconnected and they don’t have a phone number. Well, I know why they don’t have a number now, because of very unhappy people that they tricked basically. Did anyone else have an issue with this? I’m just really frustrated and tired and even posted on social media about how everyone should switch to them and I have a lot of friends on social media, and so I just feel extremely deceived that they basically lie to their customers.


I received a $50 gift card yesterday for transferring my number from Verizon to Visible on April 9.

I brought my unlocked iPhone 11 to Visible.

This was my offer


We hope your Free Trial experience is going well, and if you’re loving Visible, we can help you switch from your current carrier right now. Becoming a member is easy, and only takes a few simple steps.

Plus, we’ll also throw in a virtual gift card worth up to $100 when you join Visible* with your current number. Hurry, this offer ends soon!


I believe that offers are eligible under certain circumstances and support is not always reliable when you ask them questions - you should always read twice before you trust them 🙂

But I believe that if you either bring your own devide or buy a new one - you should be eligible. I personally bought a new device with visible but had some issues with receiving the gift card redemption code, which was resolved after several times I reached out to the support. I was super angry at them.


Yes I 100% agree. I have been looking at this for quite some time wondering if they were going to use this to mislead people. So yes I agree this is very misleading. When I signed up as a new customer, I thought I was getting a virtual gift card and didn't. When I called about it, they informed me I did not click on the right link (the link to get the gift card) to be able to get the gift card. They just refused to give it to me. Horrible people!

I will also note that contacting the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU may get you some results. I did that when Sprint refused to unlock a phone for me and got the results that I thought I was entitled to get. There has got to be a law in place somewhere saying phone companies cannot tell blatant lies to get customers to join. There just has to be!