***Complaint In Regards To Promotion***


I was told by Lisa the visible live agent I spoke too that this was the only way to file a formal complaint. I switched to Visible and less than a month later I purchased a new device through Visible. Underneath the phone it stated $200.00 virtual gift card. I started service on July 30, 2022 and purchased the new phone Aug 21, 2022. The promotion states upon starting new service or within 30 days of switching service. I had not received the gift card so I reached out to the live agent and they stated I do NOT qualify for the promotion because it is only for NEW customers. This promotion is extremely misleading. I still don't understand how I did not qualify for the promotion. I am extremely disappointed with this situation. Also, is this the only way to submit a formal complaint? I would like clarification on the promotion. 


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Not sure why the agent told you filing a complaint will help you, it will do you no good other than venting as this is a peer to peer forum. No one from Visible, other than maybe a moderator, visits these forums. 


One thing about the promo is you should have bought the phone at the same time you ported in. Here is the fine print Offer disclosure: New members who (1) purchase a qualifying device or bring their own, (2) transfer their existing phone number from an Eligible Carrier within 30 days of transaction , (3) activate their Visible service, & (4) complete 3 full months' service payments, are eligible to receive up to a $xxx virtual gift card


I see they still have not removed the first part that says "or bring their own(device)", this has gotten a few people mad because of how it is worded and Visible has not honored it. As a new customer you should have bought the phone at the time you ported in your number, if you didn't port not eligible. You did step 3 first and were considered a customer and no longer a new customer at the time you bought the phone. The 30 days is for when you buy a new phone from Visible with no service, you have 30 days to port in your number from another carrier and activate the SIM on the new phone to get the promo. So had you bought the phone on July 30th and had not ordered service and waited until August 21st to order service, ported in your number from another carrier, activated it, then you would eligible for the promo. That is how I read it. 


Hope this explanation helped and sorry you didn't get the promo but if you are pleased with the plan you are on you will make that up in the long run versus going to another carrier.


Signed, just another Visible customer.