ACP & Lifeline


Hello, i have been approved for ACP. before signing up with one of the many other programs out there i want to know if Visible participates in the Affordable Connectivity Program or Lifeline programs? I would like to use my ACP benefit with Visible, is thios possible?


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At last check, no. The FCC provides a list of providers participating in the ACP at:

That may change, but the regulatory requirements imposed by the FCC may not be profitable for budget plans that Visible offers - despite being owned and operated by Verizon, it's a separate business unit with a different business plan. Verizon participates but look at their pricing structure.

Visible currently does not offer the acp program, if your looking for the acp program with unlimited data look into assurance Wireless, but they don't offer bring your own phone you have to use the phone they sent you. if your looking for acp with BYOP look into SafeLink wireless they offer 25 gig 

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There is no Lifeline/ACP compatibility at this time, but a representative from Visible CS told me that Lifeline is currently in the works, and when it launches, you will be able to choose the plan. So, you will not only receive a $9.25 discount for Lifeline and/or a discount up to $30 for ACP, but if you wanted to, you could elect that discount to be applied to a Visible+ plan, as well as an Apple Watch add-on package. Heck, if you have both Lifeline and ACP, and you're in a party of 3 members, your Visible+ with Apple Watch add-on service could potentially be like $0.75/month for the life of the ACP program. When it runs out, it would be like $25.75 with the Lifeline credit alone.


There is no date set for the program launch at this time, nor have all the details been released. Please stay tuned for updates! They will come directly from Visible.


By the way, I’m actually gonna need these benefits at Visible, or my Rep Payee won’t allow me to switch from my current carrier.


hey it’s great to hear possible future support for Lifeline w Visible!

Just called Assurance Wireless and asked if you can BYOD now - turns out you can and she suggested the phone they send you can be used a “backup” - Assurance Wireless offers Unlimited data. I also confirmed this is a Lifeline program (not ACP which I’m using for my broadband Internet at home)

I've been unsucessfully trying to BYOD unlocked mode of iphone XS Max to use with Assurance Wireless for a few months now.   As of 2.28.2023, their system is setup to only allow activation of phones that are sourced directly from them.  I've had a line of service with Assurance Wireless ~3 weeks and the standard phone model Schok sv55, is an exercise in frusturation (unreliable battery, struggles with making stable voice calls, loaded with malware advertisements, lots of websites can't be reached and will error out). Data speed on wifi maxes out at 24Mbp/s and cellular is throttled down half that.  Ive requested to have the phone replaced twice.  They cancelled my first replacement phone order without providing a reason or informing the customer.  The second request, they sent me the same phone model with same problems.  They don't allow BYOD, don't have an online store to purchase devices,  no option for customer to buy a different device by calling their devices sales team, they have no ability to communicate with the device orders fulfillment 3rd party, and you're not allowed to port out your phone number out should you decide to switch service provider.  I really wish I were making this up, but its true.