Android A42 & new network

Novice II

I have an Android A42

I received a letter in the mail about a need to upgrade to the new network

I tried to do the upgrade

It is telling me that My phone is not compatible with the new network

I talked to some one on the chat line they told me that even with a new sim card my phone won't work

I asked when they were going to do the cut off with the old network they said they don't know

I asked for a supervisor to to physically call me on the phone

That person didn't know when they were going to do the cut off ither

If its a year from now I may need a new phone so I might not need to worie about it

If its at the end of May I need to figure out how to budget the 400 to 500$ bucks for a new phone in a hurry

does anyone know when there going to cut the old network off

Sounds Like The Left doesn't know what the right hand is doing in this mess

I feel they should at lest be able to tell me how long I have before the cut off

Just really upset