Another phone on same account


Can I have my phone and my daughter's phone on the same account?



Novice III

Hi Krystina,

Unfortunately it is not possible to have multiple devices under a single Visible account. You would have to create a new account under a different email address for the other device.

What about 2 accounts but only 1 bill?  I want to start u service with Visible and port my wife's phone & number as well but I only want 1 bill for both of us.  Is this possible? I'm unsure how to begin...

It is unfortunately not possible to link accounts together for billing purposes. The best thing you can do is add the same payment method to both accounts, and enable autopay. If you do not want to enable autopay, Visible payments are one-click. Just log into each account, and by pressing the "Pay Now" button, a payment will instantly be made.