BYOP compatibility


Hi, I had my own phone check with compatibility and it keep says my IMEI isn't matching with visible, but I don't know why it doens't match. I bought this phone directly from Apple, without any carrier, and using Cricket now, but really want to change to Visible. Please help me. Will there be other way to check my compatibility for sure and if it doesn't still match, know why it doesn't?


Novice II

I don't know how bad cricket is, but I think you'd be best staying there or going with another company. 

Cricket doesn't have better internet speed then visible but they definitely have better costumer service and if you have a family plan it will come out cheaper than visible 

Novice III

As far as I know, Cricket has the best prices, amongst other MVNO's using AT&T network.

My suggestion, like kh106 stated, stay with Cricket or look for a MVNO from T-Mobile (dependent of how good Voice/Data coverage is in your city).

Definitely stay away from Visible, at least until them code monkeys fix the mistakes they've made; not happening soon, though.

I'm on the old "Visible Unlimited" plan, so I don't have any problems (knock on wood). Cricket (AT&T) and Boost Mobile (T-Mobile) are my Two choices to port out my number.