Billed yesterday, still no service today, 30-minute wait for CS

Novice II


New Visible customer, so far not so good. Got the Visible SIM installed, followed the steps to activate, got "Success!" message in app, then...No Service. Checked old carrier, phone # was removed from my account. Called customer support ha ha no because kids these days don't talk on the phone. Chatted twice with an exuberantly friendly (I'm awesome!...for providing an ICCID...apparently) customer support rep who honestly did seem to try to resolve the issue, but ended up forwarding it up the chain as a "critical" issue (with a 24-48 hour resolution estimate!!). Meanwhile, Visible billed my account $25.


Now it is the next day and the phone is still dead. Old SIM won't work because old carrier thinks this phone has ported. New SIM not working because...whatever is going on at Visible. No way to call and no way to see status of the "critical" support ticket. The chat-only support system is a real cost-saver I'm sure, and it probably works fine for 80% of the mundane support issues. For people just joining Visible, when first impressions are made, maybe it's not the best choice. And 24-48 hours to activate a phone - with a ported number meaning the customer is DOA while you sort your crap out - is ridiculous.


Fingers crossed that I'm awesome! enough today to help them help me to resolve this.


Novice II

I'd love to help you out and can request that our Care team get back in touch with you ASAP. Is it OK if someone reaches out to you directly using the email address associated with your community account?


Im in the EXACT situation. Well, kinda. Decided to switch to visible, had a few days left on my current phone, so put in info to port, visible (fedexed ”overnighted” me my sim, however it took 4 days to receive sim, and guess what? During those 4 days my service ran out and now my number lost but my sim won't activate because it thinks its getting ported. I NEED A PHONE and being a new customer, im not happy. 45$ a month over at straighttalk Verizon towers, and not having any issues, makes it worth the 45$. I really want to give visible a shot. But their customer service needs to tighten up, because now that I have been without a phone for two full days I am losing work.  do to the fact that visible can't get their stuff together so yeah, I paid $5 to switch to visible for my first month and I'm supposed to save at $25 a month, however not having a phone for 2 days I have lost about $400 so yeah that $25 a month versus what I've lost not having a phone is not cool. And I can't even get a new number because I can't get a hold of customer service. if you can help me, do whatever you got to do to get my SIM card activated with either my old number or new number. But please do it as fast as you can. I need to work.