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Billing me $40/month when plan is $30/month!  Can this be corrected/adjusted?


Thanks.  I was thinking of that, but concerned I might get less service: will do.  Thanks again!

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There is no one here to help you with this problem. This is just a peer to peer group and customer service doesn't monitor this. You can try Twitter or Facebook messenger but I can tell you they don't respond there either, I have been waiting over 4 days for my DM's on Twitter.  Best bet is to open up chat on, you can type in a message but at first a robot answers so you need to click on chat with a live person. Wait time for me on Sunday afternoon was 45 minutes and took another 25 minutes or so to answer a half dozen questions and to get a problem fixed.

Understand about the “chat”.  I virtually gave up on that so tried this.  It’s nice to know that somebody eventually answers, though!  Thanks

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Were you originally on the $40 plan?  If so, you’ll need to get a new sim from Visible.  For whatever technical reason, if you don’t get the new sim (free) you’ll stay on the $40 plan/technology.

Thanks.  I was thinking of that, but concerned I might get less service: will do.  Thanks again!


They mentioned nothing about needing a new sim. They said it's a glitch in the app, that you can change plans in the app but it's not showing on some people's apps, that they are trying to fix it. 🤦‍♀️

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Yes, you do need a new SIM card. When I was messaging them on FB a month ago the rep was going to send me a new SIM for the new plan but I refused since I have the Party Pay discount and want to save the $5 a month until we have to switch. I was on FB messenger again about a week ago and told them I had an error on the app and couldn't order it when I checked the phone I just ordered to make sure it was compatible. I also mentioned I was getting an error using my laptop when I click the bring my phone button and select my plan I get an error there trying to order the card but I found another way on the website to order it. But anyway, yes, you need a new card.