Just spent last night and this morning trying to explain on a secured chat with Visible including "screenshots of my checking account" that I am being charged on the 5th of every month $20 for someone else's Visible account.  I could not get through no matter how many screenshots I sent, that I am being charged.  I have 2 Regions Bank checking accounts.  One of them pays for my Visible account that is $25 and my sons Visible account that is also $25 per month.  Both are Visible basic accounts.  Both of our accounts are billed correctly.  This is where the disconnect is.  Visible keeps repeating that they have investigated and unfortunately both accounts are billed correctly, and they do not see the other $20 being billed to our accounts incorrectly...Duh!  I know that.  I am not talking about MY VISIBLE ACCOUNTS! I don't understand what part of me texting over and over that "MY OTHER REGIONS CHECKING ACCOUNT IS BEING CHARGED $20 ON THE 5TH OF EVERY MONTH FOR SOMEONE ELSES VISIBLE ACCOUNT"!  I was also asked that if I could provide the email, phone number or account number of the Visible account that is charging my bank they could try to help???? WHAT! How am I supposed to know that information?  All I have is charge after charge after charge every month from Visible for $20 on the 5th.  I also asked if I give you my full bank routing and checking account number, someone there should be able to reverse lookup by billing what Visible account is linked to my Regions Bank account?  NOPE.  You need to call your bank we can't help you?