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I really don't understand this company.  There is ZERO usefulness in customer service.  Z E R O.   Day 3 of trying to get my UPGRADED PREPAID ANNUAL PLAN to activate.  I am ready to walk...but wait...I can't cancel because I have an open case.   REALLY?   So frustrating.  I feel like I am being scammed- I honestly do. Will not be continuing with Visible regardless of the outcome of this case.  


go to Cricket.  Visible cs is non existent.  if you find my post helpful please mark it as an solution

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Aren't most MVNO's customer support a weak point? I was on Mint Mobile for awhile and if it wasn't for the fact that I got no reception on T-Mobile, I'd probably have stayed with them. But their CS wasn't anywhere near what Verizon Wireless has.

Most of these MVNO companies expect you to be able to do things on your own without problems (doesn't mean you won't have problems - as above is the case).

We activated 3 phones no problem - transferring from Verizon Wireless (<5 mins each phone). Sorry you had problems. I assume downloading the mobile app and trying to activate E-SIM isn't working? (Remember to reboot once it activates).