Bootloader question


Can the Google Pixel 6 pro yall sell bootloader be unlocked or is it locked permanently by Verizon 


I don't know how but I know Android you cuold do anything a real good technician can do anything with android there is no such a thing permanent it's always possible. And geuss what I have a friend that could play around with apple phone he changes Lot of things, people think iOS can't be touched he could take over the whole phone 


I dont understand the question. Are you looking to buy mobile devices from Visible?

If yes it is locked to Visible for 60 days. On 61st day it is unlocked. So if you use the service for 90 days (3 months, 3 consecutive payments) you can use this device you bought from Visible on other network (subject to the phone/device/model you buy)



E.g.: iPhones purchased from Visible will work with AT&T, T-Mobile after 3 months with Visible if you plan to move away from Visible.


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