Buying a device using Affirm


My wife and I are recent Visible customers.  I purchased a phone using Affirm when I started but my wife decided to wait.  She is now ready to get a new phone.  Is it possible to buy a second phone, getting the 2 or 3 year options for financing with Affirm, using the same account I have or does she have to set up a second account with Affirm?  I understand Visible doesn't have family plans with each line being a separate account, but was hoping to use the same Affirm account without having to open another account with Affirm.  Thanks in advance for feedback.


You might want to have her sign up for a second account on Affirm. The phone is locked by Visible to the account it was ordered under and needs to be active on that account for 60 continuous days. If you order it on your account at Visible and even though she is using it on Visible it will never unlock. Not sure how the Affirm loans work but as for Visible because of the lock I would just do a separate account so you don't run into issues if you decide to port out at some point.